Harley Bottle Openers

We at Open Road Spirit wish that everyone had a Harley bar in their home, we like home bars and we love the way Harley design their products, put the two together and you’ve got a rockin’ room feature.

If you’re lucky enough to have a Harley bar at home, you’re opening those beers with a Harley bottle opener, right? If not, you should be, look at these things!

If you’re just like us and don’t have a Harley home bar, there’s every chance that you’re still opening those ice cold beers and doing it with a bottle opener. Are other bottle openers as cool as a Harley one? Look at those things, no way!

There’s a choice of wall mounted or regular, the choice my Harley friend, is yours!

Harley Davidson Key Chain Bottle Opener
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Harley Davidson Key Chain Metal Bottle Opener Skull
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